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Yolanda Mendez
Yolanda Mendez
Full name Yolanda Mendez
Status Alive
Nationality American
Residence Chicago, IL
Profession Child Psychologist, Writer
Voice Actor Ellen David
Appears in Watch Dogs
First mention Big Brother
First appeared Hold On, Kiddo
Last appeared Sometimes You Still Lose

Yolanda Mendez is a supporting character in Watch Dogs. She is a renowned child psychologist and the one treating Jackson Pearce for his PTSD as a result of Lena's death.


After Hold On, Kiddo, Aiden tells her to take care of Jackson. He lies and says that Nicky is forcing herself to get rid of Lena's things. Then she and Jackson get on a train. After this mission, before Role Model, Aiden gets two calls from her:

  • In the first one, she tells him Jackson is getting restless and that he's not happy. Aiden tells her to call him if he runs off.
  • At the start of Role Model, Yolanda tells Aiden that Jackson has indeed wandered off. Aiden realizes that he went looking for his mom and remarks that Jackson is a lot like him.

After saving Jackson, he drops him off at Yolanda's house, and she threatens to call the police if they don't hear from Nicky. Then, after Aiden saves Nicky and picks her up, Nicky remarks that Yolanda called the police. After escaping, Nicky and Jackson leave Chicago.

After the events of the game, WKZ TV interviewed her because she knows the Vigilante. She remarks that she wants "to explore this complex man's mind". She then says that she's writing a book, and then the game ends.

Mission Appearances

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