Yearproof AllWeather Tire-Watchdogs

An example of a Yearproof tire in Watch Dogs, with sidewall lettering

Yearproof is a tire manufacturer in the Watch Dogs universe.


The company appears to be the in-game equivalent of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. Similarly, Yearproof manufactures tires for ordinary road cars. It appears that the manufacturer has had contracts with manufacturers that date back to the 1970s as evidenced by their tires being fitted to every example of the Early 70's Muscle Car.


The company appears to produce durable tires for road cars, most tire models appear to include high-profile sidewalls and bright sidewall lettering as well. The tires that the company produces also feature tread patterns for optimum traction in varying weather conditions. The tires that are manufactured are of an average width, to provide good grip and be applicable to a wide range of vehicles.


  • The company name is a reference to Goodyear, as a tire lasting over a year may be considered by the driver as a "good year" tire.

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