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Yasmine Loterte
Yasmine Loterte
Full name Yasmine Loterte
Status Alive
Nationality American
Residence San Francisco
Affiliation(s) Nudle
Profession Human Resources Advisor
Appears in Watch Dogs 2

Yasmine Loterte is a minor character in Watch Dogs 2.


Yasmine is a Human Resources Advisor at Nudle. She, along with Brody Goodale, interrogated Horatio Carlin in the mission Limp Nudle, due to Horatio being accused of being an undercover DedSec member. However, thanks to Marcus Holloway's hacking skills, Horatio was able to escape and Marcus pinned the blame on Brody rather than Horatio, and Yasmine took Brody away.


  • According to her CTOS profile, she is a bowling league champion and has an annual income of $82,400.
  • It seems that Brody was somewhat afraid of Yasmine, hinting that she may be his boss or someone with higher authority than him. She is a Human Resources Advisor, so this may be the reason.


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