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Wi-Fi hotspots can be accessed by hacking the box that can be outside of some buildings. Like hotspots in real life, they give the user free internet connection, but allows a hacker access to multiple devices if breached.

The Wi-Fi boxes found outside buildings, set up by the Blume Corporation, control the building's Wi-Fi network via CTOS. To infiltrate the network, Aiden must hack between one and three panels to access the building.

When the hotspot is hacked you can see the interior of the house / Flat from cameras like webcams, game consoles and mobile devices, just to name a few. You can observe people in their private life and see what is inside and who is living inside. This can allow the player to hack things inside.

For example, in one apartment you can see a mother with her baby with a phone on the nearby table. You can choose to hack it or not, the choice would be up to you.

WiFi Hotspots In Chicago

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