For the policies regarding the wiki in general, see Policy.

This is the official policy regarding warnings, vandals and blocks on this wiki. Blocks can be given out when bureaucrat Chris6d sees them fit to be, and can range from a few months to a few years, depending on how Chris6d sees it fit.


Spam is not tolerated on this wiki. Spamming nonsense or adding gibberish into articles is vandalism (see vandalism below) and will automatically result in a block, which ranges depending on the severity of the spam. Spamming non-Watch Dogs-related content or external sources such as promoting other objects or advertising, will result in the removal or deletion of the spam and an infinite ban, no warning required.


Harassment is something taken very seriously on this wiki. Joking around in a calm manner is acceptable, but once things take on a violent level, such as swearing, personal harassment, etc., action will be taken. As well, bringing up anything that happened on another wiki on this wiki is unacceptable. The punishment for harassment can range from a 1 week to infinite block.


To upload images on this wiki, users must follow these policies. Failure to follow these rules can result in warnings or blocks.

  • Image names must be descriptive. For example, if the image is of a car in Watch Dogs 2, a good name would be "[Car name]-WatchDogs2.png" or something along those lines. An unacceptable name would be "09819-1678291391-6L1.jpg" or any other nonsense or un-named title of that sort. Images that fail to follow this policy will be deleted.
  • Images must be above 100px. Any images smaller than this will be deleted.
  • Unnecessary images or images that do not relate to Watch Dogs, or the content of the article it was uploaded for, will be deleted. Blurry images will also be deleted.
  • Images that are uploaded but not posted anywhere on the wiki will be deleted.
  • Inappropriate or pornographic images posted will immediately be deleted and the user who uploaded it will face a permanent block, no questions asked.

Article content

  • All articles created must relate to Watch Dogs in some way, and be canon to the storyline. Absolutely no fan-made material is to be posted anywhere on this wiki, except for personal user pages. If users violate this policy, their work will be deleted and they will receive a warning. Failure to follow this warning will result in a 3 month block, and a third offense is an infinite block.
  • Articles must have proper grammar. No ch4t5p34K, L33T, txtspeak, shortened wording (such as "u", "thnx", and "lolz") are permitted in articles. Keep in mind that this language is allowed on message walls, but to a minimal extent.
  • Articles must be written in the proper tense.
  • All articles must be written in ENGLISH. Non-English articles count as spam and will immediately be deleted. This also applies to image names.

Message walls and forums

This wiki allows users to leave messages on other users' walls for quick and easy responses. The wiki also has forums so users can post things related to Watch Dogs there. Policies are as follows:

  • On message walls, poor grammar is not allowed, but slang words are to an extent (such as lol, xoxo, etc.) On Forums, none of this is allowed.
  • All messages and forums must contain appropriate language (see Misconduct Policy).
  • No user can remove messages from other users' walls, or even their own wall.


Patrollers are users who have been given some extra tools to help fight the good fight on this wiki, but do not have admin privileges yet. Patrollers are rollbacks who can revert edits, open and close threads, and kick/ban people from chat. They cannot, however, block users from editing. Instead, if they see a vandal that Chris6d does not, they must revert the vandal's edits and report it to Chris6d, who will then warn or block the vandal, depending on the severity of the vandalism. Patrollers may NOT abuse their power in ANY way. If they do, they will automatically be demoted and possibly blocked if the abuse is severe.

As well, with the position of Patroller comes a special exclusive banner that is placed on the Patrollers' profile page. This DOES not make them Patroller, it merely states that they ARE one. Admins and Bureaucrats get this as well. Adding this to your own page when you're not will result in the removal of the banner, a temporary protection on your user page so you yourself can't edit it, and a warning. Second offense will lead to a 6 month block, and a third offense is an infinite block.


Vandalism is NOT tolerated on this wiki. This includes removing content from pages, spamming (to an extent), clear bad faith edits, and adding inappropriate/unnecessary content to the wiki. Punishments can vary between 1 week to infinite blocks, depending on the vandalism. You'll know vandalism when you see it, or even commit it, but if you commit it here, you will be caught and punished.


Sockpuppetry is the act of a user creating a second account without wiki permission. If a user wishes to create a second account for whatever reason, they MUST ask Chris6d first, and there MUST be a valid reason. If a sockpuppet account is detected illegally, both accounts will immediately receive an infinite block, no questions asked.


Meatpuppetry is soliciting other people to come to the wiki in order to influence the editorial process in a topic or discussion. A "meat puppet" is another editor that has been solicited to sway consensus. If a meatpuppet account is detected, both accounts will receive a one year block.

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