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Walk in the Park
Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs 2
Part of story Mission 2
Unlocked by completing Introduction
Unlocks Main Operation Cyberdriver
Unlocks Side Operation A High Price to Pay
Followers Gained None
Difficulty Star Star Shaded Star Shaded Star Shaded Star Shaded
Walkthrough See here
For the Cash Run game in Watch Dogs, see Walk in the Park.

Walk in the Park is the 2nd story mission of Watch Dogs 2.


It’s up to you to raise DedSec’s notoriety in San Francisco. The more exposure DedSec has with their ops, the more botnet they’ll have to power their operations.


Marcus downloads the DedSec App and heads to the Mission Dolores Park, where Sitara tells him to use his Profiler and NetHack View to scope out the area, and find a side operation to unlock. Marcus's main task is to turn on NetHack and locate the person of interest indicated by the orange glow.

Marcus talks to the guy and speaks to him; he’s furious about a man named Gene Carcani. After the rant, Sitara remembers Carcani as the guy on TV laughing about raising the price of leukemia medicine. The man informs Marcus that the well-known hip-hop artist Bobo Dakes is in town, and Carcani has offered him millions to keep the album all for himself. This unlocks the side operation A High Price to Pay, in which the player can stop Gene Carcani in. However, the side mission is optional.

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