Victor Cheung is a member of the Auntie Shu Boys, seen during the events of Watch Dogs 2. His phone was hacked by Marcus in the side mission Shadows. By doing this, Marcus discovers that a dealing concerning human trafficking between the Shu Boys and the Bratva has gone sour, and is able to get the meeting's location. After Marcus's confrontation with Victor, the player may kill him during the mission, otherwise, his fate is unknown. His position in the hierarchy of the gang is also unknown, but it is assumed that he holds a higher-up position. His profile lists him as a contractor, with an income of $200,000.

Mission Appearances

Intercepted Text

Unknown - "The crew should have been back by now. Any word from them?"

Cheung - No answer, I'm worried about the deal.

Where was the Bratva meet?

Unknown - Sending it to you. Get your people out there and salvage this."

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