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A number of vehicles appear in Watch Dogs, allowing for land and water transport. A complete table of each vehicle included in the game is provided.


First, one must obtain a vehicle. When playing the PC-version, this is done by going near a vehicle and pressing E. On the Xbox-consoles, you should press Y and on the PlayStation-consoles, press the triangle-button. Aiden will now automatically start the vehicle. On the PC, the default driving controls are the WASD-keys, while XBox and PlayStation-gamers should use the left- and right triggers to respectively brake or reverse and to accelerate. The left joystick functions as a replacement for the steering wheel.

Hiding in a vehicle is done by pressing F on the PC, B on the Xbox-consoles and the circle-button on the PlayStation-consoles. By hiding you make it far less likely that your enemies will detect you. Hiding in your vehicles disables the ability to drive it and shuts down the engine. In order to start it again, press F on the PC, RT on the Xbox-consoles and R2 on the PlayStation-consoles.

Obtaining vehiclesEdit

You can easily obtain vehicles by stealing them or, in the case of cars, ordering them through the Car On Demand-app on your smartphone. Not all cars are available on the app, however, and the more exotic cars also have exotic prices (although some of the more common cars are free). If you're planning to steal a vehicle, try to pick parked ones. If you stop driving cars, it's much more likely that the victim will call 911 and initiate a police chase.

List of vehiclesEdit

Budget Heavy Motorcycle Muscle
Sport Truck Performance Others





Digital Trips



  • Sports cars designed with no convenient mounting areas for license plates are exempt from having to use them in Watch Dogs' rendition of Chicago.
  • Some of the more expensive vehicles are fitted with daytime lights. Usually, these are dedicated led-strips.
  • While fixers/police are able to shoot from their vehicle, Aiden cannot if he is the driver. In multiplayer modes, Aiden can shoot from passenger seats. 
  • There seems to be some difference in vehicle availability in console generations. The previous generation, consisting of the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, has all vehicles available. Their successors, however, seem to miss a few, most notably the boats. The previous generation, as mentioned above, does however have some issues with spawn-rates of, for instance, emergency vehicles, WKZ TV vehicles and the Philandra.

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