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Uplay is a service created by Ubisoft that provides its users an experience similar to the achievements offered by various other game companies.


The service is provided across various platforms, being the PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Facebook, iOS, Android, and OnLive. It is not provided on the Wii U since the Wii U version lacks online features, due to limitations.


Each Uplay enabled game usually has four specific actions that can be accomplished, earning Uplay points, which are referred to as "Units". Each action can grant from 5 to 40 Units, which can then be used to unlock game-related rewards. These Units are not bound to the specific games they were earned in however, and may be used to purchase rewards from any available Uplay supported game.


  • Hello World: Take down Maurice (10 Uplay unit)
  • Family Man: Complete Act 1 (20 Uplay unit)
  • Fatal Focus: Using one focus, kill 4 enemies (30 Uplay unit)
  • Vengeance: Complete Act 4 (40 Uplay unit)


  • Aiden Avatar: Go to and update your avatar with this exclusive Aiden avatar. (10 Uplay unit)
  • Online Contract Cash Boost: Boost the cash payout on all online contracts to get an edge on your enemies. (20 Uplay unit)
  • Gold D50: Bringing a new meaning to 'one-hit wonder’, this 14 karat D50 edition is a jaw-dropper. (30 Uplay unit)
  • Papavero Stealth Edition: Avoid detection and elude the cops in the Papavero Stealth Edition. CTOS won’t know what hit it. (40 Uplay unit)

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