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Total Motors is a car dealership featured in Watch Dogs 2.


Located in San Francisco, Total Motors allows Marcus to purchase vehicles, like Auto Elite.

Total Motors is focused more on basic and cheap vehicles, as their prices are fair and do not exceed more than $50,000, perfect during the first steps of the game. If a vehicle is purchased, they will be added in the Car On Demand app.

Vehicle Catalog

Name Price
Molto-Bene $5,000
Kuruhawa $10,000
Kodachi $15,000
Muscle Car
Name Price
3.9T $15,000
571 $17,000
Hailkal R $22,500
Adamant S-Series $25,000
Name Price
Batta $10,000
Tributary 3500 $10,000
Wildebeest $17,000
Sports Car
Name Price
Kirsher $15,000
Sculptor 2.5R $15,000
Sunrim EV $37,500
Performance Car
Name Price
Amargosa Turbo $37,500
Standard Vehicle
Name Price
Sumitzu Auto 1.6 $2,000
Woodie $2,000
Landrock Van 1500 $3,000
Vessel $4,000
Crosscountry Series $5,000
200 EV $7,500
Landrock Van 2500 $7,500
Cavale $10,000
Menschen $10,000
Relegater $10,000
Kigan AWD $15,000
Talos $15,000
Valiance CE $15,000
Bogen Bus $17,000
Philandra $17,000
Merengue $43,125

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