Tidis Corporation is a major business conglomerate, corporation and landmark in Watch Dogs 2. They are referenced in Watch Dogs, but are not necessarily significant.


Tidis's HQ is located in Silicon Valley, California, and they also have a building in southern Mad Mile, Chicago. In the Watch Dogs: Bad Blood DLC, Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney hides out in a building formerly owned by the Tidis Corporation, The Silo. During the events of Watch Dogs 2, Tidis works on rail guns, nanotechnology, machine learning, and robotics, developing their own security robots and shipping them to various companies for use. It is known that Tidis has CTOS access from Blume.

Events of Watch Dogs 2

Tidis is the main antagonist of the Robot Wars operation. During the course of this operation, Marcus, Wrench, and T-Bone interfere with Tidis' experimental prototype laboratories. During the course of the last mission in the operation, it is revealed that Tidis is developing a "10 Year Plan" to arm American military and law enforcement with extremely powerful combat robots, mostly intended for use against civilians. Marcus hacks into a Spider Tank prototype and destroys all of the equipment in the x-lab before leaving, and DedSec releases a video exposing the projects that went on in this lab.

World Location Summary

Tidis has been around since the early days of Silicon Valley. They've weathered ups and downs, and lasted through booms and busts.



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