• Hello Raylan13, since all of our current bureacrats are inactive (not including yourself), I'd like to be bold enough to ask for a promotion to bureaucrat status. Since the removal of the inactive administrators' rights has yet to be done, I'd do so myself. I'm am going to be far more active this week since I've sorted out my real life activities, and the game drops next week Tuesday.

    In terms of sole dedication, I've put in a lot of work around here. On the original wiki, and it's clone. I actually believe, and excuse me if this sounds self-important, that I have put in more work into this wiki than anyone else. I may have hit a few bumps on the way, but I only had one motivation: to create a cohesive database for Watch Dogs and it's many fans. That's always been my ambition since day one.

    I've tried my best to unite us as a community, and your intervention has been big help, but now the next step is to work on sorting out whatever stumps that remain here in this wiki, and it's community. Please take this into consideration.

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    • To be honest, a lot of your edits is from adding that "A to Z" category and Message Wall messages, also to mention a major redundant mass of edits made to the Watch Dogs page. I haven't seen you do much maintenance work as an admin except for creating templates, which anybody can do. Also, before promoting anybody to administrator, we should have an open discussion about the older administrators and the removal of their rights.

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    • NinjaFatGuy wrote: Also, before promoting anybody to administrator, we should have an open discussion ...

      ...And, that brings us to you.

      NinjaFatGuy wrote:
      ... I haven't seen you do much maintenance work as an admin except for creating templates, which anybody can do...

      ...And, all you've done is add a thing to the thing, which makes the links glow. What a ground breaking contribution!

      So much irony.

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    • For not once have I referenced myself, nor myself to you. I've done more than you within a few days of me being here on the new wiki, and on the old one (including my adminship there), if you want to carry on with that. Perhaps you should be demoted; I haven't seen you do anything but edits (redundant ones, that is), and this discussion already clearly shows your attitude is not fit for any argument/discussion or a place in bureaucracy. Instead of asking a single bureaucrat, you should request the community, and see if they think you're fit.

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    • Now that comment is very ignorant and negates any of my contributions to the wiki. You make it seem like all I did to be here was sit around and comment on message walls. If you actually spoken the truth, or had known the entire scope of the merging situation, you'd know that I worked on both the clone wiki and the original wiki, and that my substantial contributions were felt on both. I edited nearly everyday.

      You contradict/flatten your argument with that statement about anyone being able to do what I do. You added a code to the Wikia.css page that makes the links glow and you changed the color of the header. I'm totally sure TaticalMaster or I could have done the same thing. In fact, Randomized created the code for the font modification, and I synced that modification with a template for easy use. I didn't see you do anything like that, maybe Randomize deserves a promotion for his ability to add a useful contribution to the wiki that no else seemed capable of supplying.

      Secondly, you again contradict yourself (and show hypocrisy), by claiming a discussion should take place for my promotion. Didn't you just ask, and receive? Furthermore, you asked a single inactive bureaucrat to promote you, and claimed that you and him had "history," so it was alright then? And since you did receive, this place doesn't look any different from how it was before you were granted those rights. Thirdly, what contributions did you make on the original wiki? You were demoted there because you did the same thing you do now:

      • Ask for admin rights because you're some "tech guru".
      • Edit infrequently.

      And lastly, this discussion only shows me getting very ticked off. And my attitude only displays my annoyance at the moment. For any onlookers, please note that on a previous thread I stated several times to NinjaFat Guy that we should have a discussion about the category system, since he seemed puzzled by my addition of the "A to Z" categories to the wiki. I later added that this discussion would also include a conversation about the wiki as a whole. He ignored my request to have a civilized discussion and instead went on to list statements that were totally irrelevant to anything worthwhile that I had said (kind of like a little boy asking for a drink of cold water and his father rambling on about what a hot day it is outside and how hot he is, all while they simultaneously pass a beverage stand giving out free cold drinks).

      Now NinjaFat Guy, I'm truthfully done with having any discussion, as I've asked, suggested, and requested for too long, again and again, about having a discussion with members of this wiki, both here, the original, and the clone. I really don't see why we should have discussion finally, especially now since having one actually works in your favor.

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    • Well, for one, I didn't ask for admin rights due to my being a "tech guru." I've made contributions there and requested it because the wiki was in bad shape at that time. The wikis needed maintenance. Secondly, I'm very busy maintaining my other wikis, and this topic of this wiki has hardly any information until the game comes out; there's not much to do.

      I've stated that the category "A to Z" is not needed and was only added due to your preference, whether or not we believed it was easier or not. I didn't ignore any such request. If you wanted to, I've said to leave a message on my wall if you want to go into further discussion, as that original post of the message was way off topic. If you're unwillingly going to have any discussion over important matters, then perhaps you shouldn't be an admin at all. Your attitude against other administrators is very much uncivil, which proves, to my belief, that you don't have the capabilities of handling these rights. 

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    • You're denying it, again. It was only on the last message on that thread did you say anything about us having a discussion, anything that was relevant to what I said. TaticalMaster and I were active at the time of your arrival, and we were conversing with Raylan13 about fixing the wiki from it's obvious bad shape. Now, you came along and had to be factored into the equation. After that 'discussion' on the "Theme" thread, you could have also came to my message wall and talked things over with me, also.

      This "there isn't any information to add" talk again confuses me. There's been a ton of videos that we could gather information from, or images from and add them to the wiki. Besides information, we could be here setting up policies, and working out whatever kinks we had after the merger.

      You still show you have no scope of the entire situation. I had asked countless times to have a discussion, on here, the original wiki, and the clone. I got no response, or things just launched out of control and went irrelevant very quickly. Now that I ask for 'crat rights because I see this place in bad shape, it's a problem, and a discussion has to take place? The irony is ridiculous.

      Also, you're a Wikia Star and you say you are very busy maintaining your other wikis, so shouldn't you leave this wiki to us, since your obviously so busy doing other things. And only now are you doing anything? Changing the background? *sigh*

      Uncivil? You should surely believe you are the only administrator I've had this much disagreements with. This is me being very civil right now. And since this discussion was originally about me getting 'crat rights and has now turned into something else, I'm done commenting on this thread.

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    • You're the one who wanted to add in the "A to Z" category -- not me. If you wanted to do so so badly, then you should've left a message on my Wall.

      Yes, there isn't much information to add. Not even you, me, or any of the other admins are adding tons of pages. I've created a few yesterday, yet you haven't, and you're so concerned about my activity. Also, the wiki being in bad shape doesn't have anything to do with bureaucracy; if it's in bad shape, how about you start working on it rather than worrying about bureaucrat rights that don't effect it in any way? We have a good amount of active administrators, and Raylan is perfectly capable of being the only bureaucrat until a fit one comes along.

      I've never said that I was going to "leave" this wiki to you guys (considering you're not doing much either). I'm busy on my other wiki, so I don't have exactly much time to edit on here, yet that is not an admin's jobs. Their jobs is to maintain the wiki. Also, no, this thread hasn't turned into something else. It's still on the base discussion: your rights of bureaucracy, and how if you deserve them or not. You don't just request them because you want to, not even yourself is willing to have a civil (if this is your "civil" attitude, then I'm afraid you won't be able to handle any conversation responsibly) discussion about your rights request.

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    • We are having an open discussion here about your capabilities of your request. If you're not able to handle a simple discussion that you are taking too much hostility into, then there is no reason to close this thread. Plus, Raylan didn't give in his two cents about your original request. Keep this thread open unless there's an actual reason to close it.

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    • While I can bump people up to admin status, the preference is that an effort is made to promote discussion on any site where someone wants to be bcrat. That's not my decision, but rather something on the company end of things.

      As for demoting inactive admins, it's best to hold off on that until after the game is released.  The wiki is full of the most current info, and barring any sort of minor editing and sprucing up to prepare for launch, there's not much anyone is going to be contributing at this juncture.  It's best to wait until later, that way peoplecan be judged on how they contribute to the released content.

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