• Hi,

    You probably don't know me, I'm just an occasional editor who only focuses on minor and cosmetic changes. I was doing some line edits in the Ending section on the Aiden Pearce page and, while I was in the middle of saving these changes, my internet connection dropped out. When I refreshed the page, everything on it was gone. I don't know what happened but I'm going to assume it was my fault.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I understand this is a major page on this wikia so I'll take any consequence coming.

    Cheers and apologies,


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    • I think I might have fixed it but I still have no idea what happened.

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    • It's no problem. You alerted me of the problem right away, making it clear that it was accidental, which was the right thing. Thus, no punishment will be dealt. And yeah, I think you fixed it. Keep on editing, just be careful next time.

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    • Thanks. I think I still might steer clear of the major pages until I can get my modem fixed. Have a great day.

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