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Image Policy - ALL MUST FOLLOW.

  • Lately (although this is not a new phenomenon) I've been noticing more and more people uploading images to this wiki without properly naming them first. Images uploaded with names such as "Screenshot 3-20-17 3:13 PM" or "IMG_63717632_6817828168.jpg" or any other unnamed nonsense title of that sort will no longer be tolerated. Users that upload these images will get a warning, second offense is a 2 week block.

    We're tired of these games, people, so just follow the rules and you'll be alright. And once again, I'm not being "mean" or a "jerk", say what you want but I'm just enforcing the rules of this fine wiki. People don't want to follow rules, there has to be consequences. And there has to be someone there to enforce those rules, as I am doing now. Thank you.

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