They Can't Hide
They Can't Hide
Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 1, Mission 2
Unlocked by completing Bottom of the Eighth
Unlocks Big Brother
Transcript They Can't Hide/Transcript
I need to get my mind off of things, lucky for me, this city's full of distractions...and they can't hide from me.

They Can't Hide is the second storyline mission in Watch Dogs. It serves as an interlude between Bottom of the Eighth and Big Brother. It introduces the profiler and crime prevention system on Aiden's smartphone.


After escaping from the May Stadium, Aiden drives to his room at the Owl Motel to sleep. As he sleeps, he has a nightmare where he remembers the day his niece Lena Pearce was killed by Maurice. After he suddenly wakes up, he says that he can only remember her when she was killed, and not when she was alive at her house. After leaving his room, Aiden comments on how the ctOS is easy to hack. Aiden hacks a pedestrian's phone, to find out than a potential criminal is about to kill a woman. He must then stop him. After driving to the potential criminal location, Aiden uses the profiler to identify the potential criminal and the potential victim. Aiden successfully knocks the criminal down before he could harm his victim.

Right after, Aiden receives a call from his sister Nicky, asking him to come to her house for Jackson's birthday. On his way, he also receives a call from Jordi, unlocking the Car on Demand app for Aiden's smartphone. The mission Big Brother then unlocks.

Mission objectives

  • Go to sleep.
  • Exit your motel room.
  • Profile people for potential crimes near your hideout.
  • Investigate the potential crime area.
  • Watch for criminal behavior.


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