The Wards CTOS Control Center
CTOS Control Center Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 2, Mission 5 1/2
Unlocked by completing A Blank Spot There-ish
Unlocks Jury-Rigged

The Wards CTOS Control Center is a CTOS Control Center mission in Watch Dogs. It is technically the eighteenth-and-a-half story mission in Watch Dogs, and the 5 1/2 mission in Act II.


As the title suggests, the mission involves Aiden Pearce hacking a CTOS Control Center to obtain access to CTOS in The Wards district of Chicago.

Mission objectives

  • Locate the guard with the access code.
  • Download access code.
  • Hack the CTOS server.
  • Kill all the CTOS guards or escape the area.


  • There are two guards with fixed profiles, though their incomes are still randomized:
    • The guard with the server access code: Ray Holston, Bad Conduct Discharge - Armed Forces, Occupation: Chief Security Contractor.
    • The guard with the hidden camera by the east gate: Tabor Kriston, Mother committed suicide, Occupation: Blume Security Contractor.

Video Walkthrough