The Verdict
Mission no.: Act III
Mission 3
Target Defalt
Location(s) Parker Square
Conditions of
mission failure
T-Bone dies
Tobias was spotted
Final appearance of: Tobias Frewer
Preceded by Hold the Line
Followed by Story completed
"This is it. End of the maze…"
Raymond Kenney

The Verdict is the tenth and final mission of Watch Dogs: Bad Blood.


The mission starts outside of a small, hidden train tunnel in a park in The Loop district of Chicago. Tobias tracked down this location, but cautiously met T-Bone at one point in Defalt's secret base. After killing all the guards in the park area, you can hack the doors on one of the trains to go inside and ride it into Defalt's hideout. After exiting the train, some lights are hung from the ceiling, with a few red ones that spell out, "Hell".

After going further into the hideout, you end up in a giant room, in which there is, allegedly, a guard who has the access code to let Tobias into the hideout from another entrance. It is then revealed that the code is split between two guards. The room seems to be very religiously-themed, with lights programmed to flash, "Heaven" and "Hell". If you profile many of the guards, you can see that they are religious as well, following Catholic faith.

After getting the access code, you can continue through the doors into the next room, in which Defalt set up an infrasonic trap, which throws off T-Bone's hearing, causing the screen to shake and the sound to be noisy and distracting (using a Blackout hack here does not turn off the sound). He can eventually rid himself of the noise and continue to let Tobias into a big maze, heavily guarded around every corner. You must lead him through the maze, similar to Aiden Pearce guiding Bedbug in the mission Planting a Bug in the main game.

T-Bone kills all the guards in the maze, and then proceeds to a room, which is another trap set by Defalt. He has nine monitors that show himself and eight of the family members of the victims that T-Bone killed during the 2003 blackout, all of their faces pixelated and wearing ASCII rat masks. After making a plea for his life, three of them disconnect from viewing and the remaining 5 family (plus Defalt) members agree to have Kenny gassed and killed. Gas then floods into T-Bone's room while Defalt cackles maniacally. Tobias appears at the door and T-Bone hacks his phone to disable the gas from the outside. He redirects it to Defalt's room, where Defalt could not escape because of a fallen neon sign, nor could he stop the gas. Still laughing maniacally, Defalt asphyxiates in his own room, concluding the story. Later T-Bone wakes up with Tobias and the two decide to team up with Aiden to destroy Blume. During the end credits Tobias and T-Bone are sitting on a bench by a river drinking.

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