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The Silo is a building previously owned by the Tidis Corporation in Watch Dogs: Bad Blood, located in the Brandon Docks district. It served as Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney's hideout and safehouse for the duration of the DLC's campaign. He also let Tobias Frewer stay there to hide from Fixers.


  • Inside, there are two elevators and a variety of things, including a custom Talking Moose head.
  • There are four boxes of Ubisoft games. One on a box by the door, one on a shelf by the bed, another one under the stairs, and one on top of the lockers in the computer room.
  • Using the profiler, you can reveal an All Seeing Eye.
  • There are multiple Chicago South Club symbols around the hideout.
  • The building is different in Bad Blood than it was in Watch Dogs.

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