Owl Motel-WatchDogs

A site view of the Motel

The Owl Motel is a low-rate hotel (motel) that appears in Watch Dogs.


The site has a geometrically-styled complex with a number of wings. The motel itself has two floors of rooms. The site is very well illuminated and the roof above the main block of the building features large lettering displaying the Motel's name. In between the wings of the building are parking bays for visitors.


  • The footage in which the motel was revealed showed Aiden Pearce taking down a number of Fixers.
  • Aiden uses a room here as his first hideout. He later takes his hard drive and blows up the room to stop Fixers from stealing the rest of his data. After the motel room is blown up, The Owl Motel can no longer be used as a hide-out.
  • The Owl Motel is based on a real-life motel: the Sea Shore Motel in Santa Monica.

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