The Future is in Blume
The Future is in Blume
Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 3, Mission 4
Unlocked by completing Unstoppable Force
Unlocks For the Portfolio (immediately)

The Future is in Blume is the 34th storyline mission in Watch Dogs, and the 4th mission of Act III.


After Aiden weakens the Blume reinforcements, he goes to the Blume HQ in Pawnee to infiltrate the building. Aiden infiltrates the building unseen, and uploads the virus through the cameras. After he uploads it, Aiden hears voices and hacks another camera inside the room in which he heard the voices. Inside this room, Damien Brenks is trying to make a deal with Blume VP of Public Relations, Charlotte Gardner. Damien says that he knows Raymond Kenney's location and he can give it to them if Blume gives him Aiden's location. Aiden then leaves and the mission ends, and the mission For the Portfolio starts immediately after.

Mission objectives

  • Reach Blume.
  • Infiltrate Blume unseen.
  • Profile the ctOS box.
  • Find and activate the ctOS Boxes.
  • Break into Blume's network unseen.
  • Install T-Bone's spyware.
  • Locate Damien's meeting.
  • Exit Blume.


  • As seen when Aiden uploads the virus, T-Bone also deletes Rose Washington's and Tobias Frewer's profiles from ctOS.
    • This is probably because he used to be a group with Rose and Tobias when ctOS was under construction.
  • There are 6 people with fixed profiles, though their incomes are still randomized:
    • The guard with the hidden camera by the east side door: Tim Colding, Blume Security, Former Marine, Occupation: Guard.
    • The guard with the hidden camera patrolling the west side of the building: Bryan Deeley, Blume Security, Owns a cabin in Canada, Occupation: Guard.
    • The guard with the hidden camera by the northwest ctOS box: Nate Lloyd, Blume Security, Recently vacationed in Morocco, Occupation: Guard.
    • The guard with the hidden camera by the northeast ctOS box: Pete Wright, Blume Security, Owns single-engine plane, Occupation: Guard.
    • The Blume employee in the server room: Gene Deloray, Blume Employee, Bow hunter, Occupation: Assistant Operations Manager.
    • The guard with the hidden camera in the server room: Steven Banks, Blume Security, Owns an offshore bank account, Occupation: Guard.

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