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The 580s
Appears in Watch Dogs 2
Located in San Francisco, Oakland
Type Street gang
Affiliations OPD
Vehicles 3.9T
Businesses Drug trafficking, Vehicle smuggling

The 580s are a street gang that appears in Watch Dogs 2.


The 580s hail from Ghost Town, a violence-ridden community in Oakland, known more formally as Foster Hoover Historic District. The name Ghost Town came about because a drug dealer lamented about the district’s lack of other drug dealers. The gang known as 580s control the local drug trade and are allied with an East Oakland gang called the Big Time for joint crime sprees. They also participate in sideshows and the practice of “Ghost Riding.”


The 580s drug operation focuses on heroin, but fencing electronics (VR units) and smuggling vehicles with the OPD are other sources of income. In terms of intimidation or problem solving, the gang resorts to murder.

Missions Appearances

Side Operations:

Crime Hunts:

  • Game Recognize Game
  • Crossfire
  • Dirty Blue
  • Swiped
  • Horseplay

Gang Attack

  • Level 1: N/A
  • Level 2: N/A
  • Level 3: Two enforcers, both with Goblin assault rifles.