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Appears in Watch Dogs 2
Located in San Francisco, Oakland
Type Mexican street gang
Vehicles Vespid Lowrider

The Tezcas are a Mexican-American gang that appears in Watch Dogs 2. They appear to be based on various Latino gangs that exist in San Francisco.


The Tezcas formed in 1957 by members of various Latino street gangs in Southern California who banded together in prison to protect themselves. They have since gone from a prison gang to an allied street gang, and are feared for being highly violent. The Tezcas are among the most violent faction and often engage in murder-for-hire with other gangs like the Aryans and with South American cartels.

Gang Attack

  • Level 1: N/A
  • Level 2: One armored gunman armed with a submachine gun, and one enforcer armed with an SG-90 shotgun.
  • Level 3: Two enforcers, both carrying AK-47's.



  • They may be based on MS-13 , an active Californian gang; due to their use of tattoos, country of origin, brutality, and location.
  • During the events of Watch Dogs 2, the Tezcas killed DedSec member Horatio Carlin. This caused Marcus to destroy their entire boatload of cocaine shipments, as well as other illegal items of theirs, due to his anger.

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