Mission Act I , Mission 1
Conditions of mission failure T-Bone dies
Tobias dies
Next Fading Signal
Ray, they're gonna kill me! Do you understand?
Tobias Frewer to Ray Kenney

T-Bwned is the first mission of the Watch Dogs: Bad Blood DLC.


The mission starts with a cutscene showing T-Bone deleting his profile from CTOS. Then in the cutscene, CTOS workers come and see T-Bone on the computer. Then T-Bone pretends to be a computer technician that comes to check the systems. When he pretends, Frewer calls and says him he's at danger but T-Bone continues pretending. When a worker notices T-Bone's wrench, he alerts but T-Bone takes them down. Afterwards, T-Bone escapes from emergency hatch, and gets in an elevator.

As he's in, guards cut the power and T-Bone gets out from elevators hatch. After killing guards, T-Bone hacks another PC and puts in a fake trail. Then he blows up the window and either kills or escapes from the ctOS reinforcements. Then he gets in The Silo and goes to sleep. T-Bone wakes up with a call from Frewer. He says that he is in a trunk and needs to be rescued. After T-Bone rescues Frewer, he drives him back to Silo and the mission ends with another cutscene.


  • Escape the CTOS Center.
  • Kill all enemies or escape.
  • Reach T-Bone's base.
  • Enter the Silo.
  • Activate the security system.
  • Go to sleep.
  • Find the car with Tobias in the trunk.
  • Take down.
  • Get in the car.
  • Kill all Fixers or escape.
  • Bring the car back to the base.


  • If you look at the computer in the intro cutscene, you can see that Raymond Kenney's profile lists his middle name as "Eugene". This reveals where his R/C Car's name, Eugene, comes from.
  • The mission's name is a portmanteau of "T-Bone" and "pwned".