T-Bone's Talking Moose Head

T-Bone hacking the head.

Not to be confused with the standard Talking Moose Head.

T-Bone's Moose is a hackable object found in Watch Dogs: Bad Blood.

Location and Appearance

The moose can be found in the Silo, T-Bone's hideout. The head looks as the same as the others, but it has T-Bone's own riddles in it. Other moose heads can be found in other places throughout Chicago, but this moose head is T-Bone's custom one.


  • Hi, I'm a talking moose who was probably made in a third-world sweatshop by malnourished children. Ain't I fuckin' funny? Ha ha.
  • The problems with the fuckin' Internet is that there's no 911 dispatcher and way too many volunteer fireman.
  • If you change your profile picture more than twice a week, you're creating a permanent visual timeline about how you got old, fat and ugly.
  • How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Well, a woodchuck CAN chuck wood, so shut the fuck up.
  • There are two kinds of people in the world, assholes and people who don't label people. Hell, most of them are assholes too.
  • If you roll your socks into balls to keep them matched--here's a trick: buy all your socks in the same damn color. Problem solved. Fuck your sock-balls and fuck you.
  • Don't throw rocks in glass houses... throw spark plugs instead. They're higher on the Mohs scale.
  • Ain't nothing in life for free unless you're willing to grab it and run like a motherfucker.
  • If I wanted a goddamn peppermint pumpkin cappuccino, I'd tell you. I'd also shoot myself.
  • If you take the stairs instead of the escalator and the people on the escalator are still passing you by... guess what, you would be more efficient just standing still.
  • If you're gonna be the one who dies with the most toys, at least be the one who made them.
  • I want the biggest cock-shaped tombstone money can buy just to see the look on the preacher's face.
  • "If it were done when 'tis done, 'twere well it were done quickly."
  • If you want to kill people because a book told you to do it, it's time to expand your damn library friend.
  • I bet it would be hilarious to hear my own voice coming out of a talking moose, so I'm gonna make it happen.
  • Never wink at a blind man. Never start a fight you can't cheat. And never, never trust a man who buys a pre-built computer.

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