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Swan Leavitt Observatory is a World Location in Watch Dogs 2.


The Swan Leavitt Observatory can be found east of Rhonda's Restaurant and south of Stanford University.


The observatory is a restricted area. It can be used for an online co-op mission. The observatory is closed by an unbreakable gate, but has 2 gates. The building has 2 areas, one with construction and a small power facility. The other section, also enclosed by 2 gates, has a garage with a large blue telescope attached to an enclosed building. You may access it with a nearby ladder.

World Location Summary

Swan Leavitt Observatory is a radio telescope in the hoothills by Stanford. The giant telescope was funded by the US Air Force in the 1960s.


  • Key data for Botnet Savings: Personal Devices, on top of the main building in the second section.

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