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This iconic TV and radio antenna has been part of the San Francisco skyline since 1973. They built the tall tower to provide signal that wouldn't be disrupted by San Francisco's many hills.
―In-game description.
Sutro Tower

Sutro Tower is a world location in Watch Dogs 2.


Sutro Tower is located in the hills to the south of San Francisco. It is situated to the north of Twin Peaks, and to the east of Crestmont Forest.


Sutro Tower is a three-pronged antenna tower located on one of San Francisco's many hills, it has a two-story building with a number of large satellite dishes on the roof, at the base of it, the entire compound is surrounded by a large security fence. This location is a restricted area and is patrolled by six Umeni Security guards. There is a large parking area next to the main building with a number of WKZ TV vans parked there.


  • 1 Money Bag, on top of the main building.
  • 1 Key Data, unlocks Electro Shock Optimization.


  • This location is based on the real life Sutro Tower.
  • This location was featured prominently in the final chapter of the main operation Haum Sweet Haum.
  • WKZ TV have their logo on many of the dishes attached to the tower.