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Survival Bounties

Official poster

Survival Bounties was an online event for Watch Dogs 2 that occurred from January 13-15, 2017. It was the first online event for Watch Dogs 2.

Official statement

Ubisoft said this about the event:

"In our first Online Event, “Survival Bounties”, vehicle health for bounty targets will be reduced in Bounty Hunter gameplay. This means that there’s very little chance for escape and your objective as the target will be to fend off as many cops and bounty hunters as you can for a big bonus. Get out of your cars and get out of the open as soon as possible once a bounty is placed on you."


The event basically made evading enemies much tougher. For this event only:

  • Damage to vehicles from cops, hunters, and vehicle collisions was increased.
  • Damage to vehicles from cops or hunters using sniper weapons was increased.
  • Using an improved cop-accuracy modifier, the accuracy of cops was increased.
  • Extra damage dealt to vehicles by cops occurred at further distances, meaning that cops didn't need to get close to cause damage.
  • Vehicle ramming damage between players was increased.
  • Bounty targets received a 50% leaderboard point boost for participating, and bounty hunters received a 25% boost.



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