Aerial view of the main campus

Stanford is often referred to as the West Coast Ivy League. It's a prestigious school located in Palo Alto, giving its students access to Silicon Valley.
―In-game description.

Stanford University is a World Location in Watch Dogs 2.


Stanford University is located in the center of the Silicon Valley area, east of Palo Alto and west of Nudle Headquarters.


Stanford University is a university in the center of Silicon Valley. There is an exit off the highway which leads straight into the University. The University itself is quite large and has many buildings. Its campus stretches for blocks and contains a few kiosks, ideal for fast travel. The University has a unique red and white/gray color scheme, and has a famous bell tower located in the center. This was the University Lenni attended before she was expelled for possessing marijuana on campus.


  • 1 Stanford themed kiosk behind main building.
  • 1 Plainstock northeast of the location.


  • 1 Research Point right of the location in the lower area of northern park, unlocked by Closed Circuit Terminal.
  • 1 Research Point on roof of main building, unlocked by a Closed Circuit Terminal.
  • 1 Research Point on roof of a building southwest of main building.
  • 1 Money Bag located in an enclosed area near the fire station, unlocked by a Closed Circuit Terminal.
  • 1 Money Bag located left of the location in an alley behind the stores.
  • Key Data; Stun Amp Up on roof of Stanford Tower.
  • 1 eKart Race east of Stanford across from alley.