Spec Ops Vector .45ACP
Spec Ops Vector 45ACP
Slot Primary
Weapon Type Full-Auto Silenced SMG
Weapon Rating Star Star Star Star Star
Damage Medium
Fire Rate Very High
Range Medium
Stability High
Reload Speed Medium
Ammo Capacity 20|360
Price Free (Online Tailing reward)
Appears in Watch Dogs
"The recoil-free police issue submachine gun gets the stealth treatment with this black, silenced Vector."
―In-game description

The Spec Ops Vector .45ACP, shortened in-game as the SO Vector .45ACP, is a submachine gun that appears in Watch Dogs.


It is the "special ops" version of the original Vector .45ACP, refurbished with a black tint and a silencer.


  • Vector .45ACP (Standard)
  • Spec Ops Vector .45ACP (Spec Ops/Silenced)



  • It is one of the 12 5-star weapons available in Watch Dogs.


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