Spec Ops Vector .45ACP
Spec Ops Vector 45ACP
Slot Primary
Weapon Type Full-Auto Silenced SMG
Weapon Rating Star Star Star Star Star
Damage Medium
Fire Rate Very High
Range Medium
Stability High
Reload Speed Medium
Ammo Capacity 20|360
Price Free (Online Tailing reward)
Appears in Watch Dogs
The recoil-free police issue submachine gun gets the stealth treatment with this black, silenced Vector.
―In-game description

The Spec Ops Vector .45ACP, shortened in-game as the SO Vector .45ACP, is a submachine gun that appears in Watch Dogs.


It is the "special ops" version of the original Vector .45ACP, refurbished with a black tint and a silencer.


  • Vector .45ACP (Standard)
  • Spec Ops Vector .45ACP (Spec Ops/Silenced)



  • It is one of the 12 5-star weapons available in Watch Dogs.
  • Occasionally, a glitch with the SO Vector .45ACP occurs when it disappears from its selectable inventory, despite showing up as unlocked in both the progression wheel and the weapon shop. This problem also appears to apply to Spec Ops Goblin.


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