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Sons of Ragnarok
Appears in Watch Dogs 2
Located in Silicon Valley, Marin, Oakland
Type Outlaw motorcycle club
Affiliations Prime_Eight
Vehicles Chopper Cruiser, El Cadejo, Chopper
Businesses Drug trafficking, Credit card skimming

The Sons of Ragnarok are a faction that appears in Watch Dogs 2. They are a motorcycle-focused gang, and appear on bikes more often than other factions.


The Sons of Ragnarok began in 1948 with World War II ex-soldiers who began riding motorcycles together. They joined forces with an independent group in Oakland and have since become one of the largest outlaw gangs. They are a major distributor of heroin and smuggled weapons. The Sons of Ragnarok are predominantly white, and their close ties with the Aryan Nation and Aryan biker gangs in California have seen a spike in "white-only" chapters and members. They are now considered to be a terrorist organization, and sometimes work with Prime Eight.


The SoR are major players in the methamphetamine trade market. They also profit millions of dollars yearly with a credit card skimming operation which they attempt to improve, unsuccessfuly, with the help of Prime_Eight, while maintaining other dealings with the hacker group.

Mission Appearances

Main Missions:

Crime Hunts:

  • Gun It
  • Prime Shit
  • No Business Like LULZ Business
  • Ragnarok'd
  • Methbusters

Gang Attack

  • Level 1: N/A
  • Level 2: Two Elite(s) armed with assault rifles.
  • Level 3: Two Enforcer(s), one with a U100, the other with an ATSG-12.



  • Sons of Ragnarok are the only illegal faction to have Elite. Elites wear a Pickelhaube, a helmet worn by World War 1-era German Army.

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