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The Sons of Ragnarok is a faction gang that appears in Watch Dogs 2. They are a motorcycle-focused gang, and appear on bikes more often than other factions.

Sons of Ragnarok Gang Types


The Sons of Ragnarok began of 1948 with WWII ex-soldiers who began riding together. They opened a chapter early in San Francisco, making it one of the oldest chapters. They joined forces with an independent group in Oakland and have since become one of the big four outlaw gangs. They are a major distributor of heroin and smuggled weapons. Sons of Ragnarok are predominantly white, and their close ties with the Aryan Nation and Aryan biker gangs in California have seen a spike in "white-only" chapters and members.

Gang Attack

  • Level 1: N/A
  • Level 2: Two elites armed with assault rifles.
  • Level 3: Two enforcers, one with a U100, the other with an ATSG-12.



  • Sons of Ragnarok are the only illegal faction to have Elites. Elites wear a Pickelhaube, a helmet worn by World War 1-era German Army.

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