Skipsun Rentals is a boat rental company located in Brandon Docks in Watch Dogs. The company's main building was used by the Chicago South Club as the site of their 2013 human trafficking auction.

Events of Watch Dogs

During the mission A Risky Bid, Aiden Pearce infiltrated the auction disguised as one of its VIP's, Nicholas Crispin, to retrieve a keycode from Viceroy leader Iraq, who was overseeing security at the auction. Although Aiden was successful in retrieving the keycode, his demeanor, as well as the massacre at the car dealership being uncovered, alerted the guards that he wasn't really Crispin. Aiden tried to escape stealthily, but was eventually caught and forced to engage the Black Viceroys guarding the auction in a firefight, which soon spilled out into the facility's storage compound.

Aiden killed or evaded the Viceroys and escaped the compound, then called the police and directed them to the firefight at the rental building. The police soon arrived and stormed the building, disrupting the auction and arresting many of its attendees while forcing others to flee. It is unknown what happened to the company or it's owners after this.

Mission appearances

  1. A Risky Bid

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