Singing Trouts are objects able to be hacked in Watch Dogs. They can usually be found in shops, and are most common in Pawnee. Aiden Pearce is able to hack them, causing them to activate and cause distraction to others.


When hacked, the singing trout sings:

I'm sellin' all the fishscale and I'm gettin' all the dough
I'm pushin' all the sushi and I'm gettin' all the hoes
Chicago River gangsta, grinding heavy waters slow
My future fuckin' dark, so this mothafucka glows
Fuck yo' fishin' rods, my bitch packin' eggs raw
Sell 'em on the corner like a muthafuckin' pro
Watch my income grow, slappin' all the fuckin' foes
You can't catch me, bird-ass cracka, 'cause I go against the flow

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