"It seems like modern society doesn’t really know what to do with art, you know? We don’t take the time to really appreciate a piece, and we’re not teaching our kids enough about visual language for them to even know how to appreciate a piece. So the installation, especially with the interactivity we can create these days, I guess is my way of trying to capture attention away from the smart phone."
―Simon Mitchell

Simon Mitchell is an artist of the Dot ConneXion collective. Mitchell was born and brought up in Carrboro, North Carolina and became a student of the Rhode Island School of Design. After finishing the course, working with the Dot ConneXion artists brought Mitchell to Chicago, which also became an inspiration to him since he was then in an environment with a great culture and diversity. 

Mitchell was the creator of a piece entitled "Unblinking", composed of several columns with directed lights that rotate and track the viewer. 

See Also

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