Sienna Brick Factory

Sienna Brick Factory is a City Hotspot found in Brandon Docks and a landmark within Chicago in Watch Dogs.


The Brick Factory is a large abandoned hangar. It has four accesses, two with CTOS-controlled fences doors. The exterior features a large courtyard with abandoned material such as crates. The inside features various CTOS-controlled devices, a small area with shutters and a computer. There is also a catwalk on the opposite side, with two staircases leading to it. Due to its abandoned nature, the factory has plenty of vegetation and is covered with Viceroys tags.

Mission Appearances

The factory is featured in Uninvited, where it is Iraq's place of choice to send his hitmen to kill Bedbug. Aiden, however, goes there instead of Bedbug and kills all the hitmen.


  • It is unknown why do the Viceroys operate here, since they mainly operate in The Wards district, not far from their headquarters Rossi-Fremont.

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