Sheila Billings
Full name Sheila Billings
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Affiliation(s) Chicago PD
Raymond Kenney
Profession Detective
Voice Actor Unknown
Appears in Watch Dogs: Bad Blood
First appeared T-Bwned

Sheila Billings is an unseen supporting character in Watch Dogs: Bad Blood. She is a detective affiliated with Raymond Kenney who fights crime in Chicago.



Not much is known about Sheila. She is a detective that works against three gangs: the Chicago South Club, the Fixers, and the Pawnee Militia. She works with Raymond Kenney (whom she does not know the identity of and calls "Mystery Man") who does the "ground work" for her, in exchange for payment.

Events of Watch Dogs: Bad Blood

She first appears after T-Bwned, where she tasks T-Bone with attacking Chicago South Club members in the Sienna Brick Factory. Afterwards, the Street Sweep missions become available; she will call T-Bone in the beginning and end of each mission, providing information to him.


The only images of her show up during the intro cutscene of the first mission of Bad Blood, and when she calls Ray. She appears to be a young woman, with long black hair.

Mission appearances

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