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Shanghaied Title Card
Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs 2
Part of story Mission 14
Unlocked by completing Robot Wars
Unlocks Motherload
Followers Gained 600,000
Hostiles Auntie Shu Boys
Difficulty Star Star Star Star Star

Shanghaied is the 14th story mission of Watch Dogs 2.


This area needs more information.


Spinal Tap

  • Objective: Meet DedSec at the Hackerspace
  • Brief: Looks like the man-in-the-middle play off Blume's satellite backbone is paying off in dividends. Time to visit the Hackerspace to see what else DedSec scored.

Down by the Docks

  • Objective: Investigate the shipping container near Bay Bridge; Leave the area; Leave the area; (Escape your pursuers)
  • Brief: The Auntie Shu Boys are smuggling something in cargo containers and you need to find out what's inside them and the Shu are up to.

Chinatown Shuffle

  • Objective: Meet Sitara's informant in Chinatown; Find documents in the safe
  • Brief: The Auntie Shu Boys are smuggling in people with serious skills, and the reason why needs equally serious answers.

Nice View

  • Objective: Reach the lighthouse in Marin; Hack into the barge; Hack the Barge's admin terminal (Find login for terminal, Find admin's password)
  • Brief: Locating that Auntie Shu Barge is the easy part. The hard part is dragging it to San Francisco.

They're on a Boat!

  • Objective: Meet DedSec member at pier in Marin; Get to the barge; Steal the main server tower (Use the terminal to locate the server, Reach the server, Use the elevator to reach top deck, Wait for extraction, Get back to the server)
  • Brief: You want to know what the Auntie Shu Boys know? Try sneaking aboard the barge when it's close enough and stealing their main server, just for the shits and giggles.

Audio Files

There are two audio files obtainable during this mission, although My Auntie Shu #1 can be obtained during any Crime Hunt set in the Import/Export coumpound. The locations for the files are:

  • A laptop inside an upstairs room in the Import/Export safehouse (The room with the stair access to the garage)
  • A laptop in a bedroom inside the Barge.

My Auntie Shu #1

"So yeah... Auntie Shu, she's my real Auntie Shu. Until I was about 12, she was always this sweet old lady who would always come over with a tray of food, take care of us when we were sick, or pick us up from detention. She was like this Chinese version of the Tweety-Bird granny. Tiny, soft-spoken. Kind. You can imagine how fucked up I was when I saw her take some thug's face off with a meat cleaver."

My Auntie Shu #2

"There are two Auntie Shus. If you're on the side of the law, or a child, you're going to meet the Auntie Shu who speaks soft, broken "Engrish" like the worst kind of Hollywood stereotype. She's going to apologize for interrupting. She's going to take up as little space as possible, arms to her sides, head bowed. The very definition of harmless. But when I turned 13 and was initiaded into the Shu Boys, I got to meet the real Auntie. She stands straight as a board. She's efficient. Calculating. Any warmth in her face is gone--it might as well be a tombstone. She speaks flawless English, and in a voice that tells you "you fuck up, you disappear". I've seen her personally kill at least a dozen guys... some of them three times her size. She doesn't fight fair...she fights brutal. She makes an example. My real Auntie Shu... the scariest person I know. I love this woman."

Bonus Rewards

  • Chinese Laptop Bag
  • Easy Beast Sweatshirt

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