Watch Dogs Season Pass

The season pass for Watch Dogs is available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. It is available for purchase for $19.99 USD.

Mission Packs

Watch Dogs-Breakthrough-Pack

The Breakthrough Pack

The season pass gives its buyers all four available single player mission packs:

  • The Breakthrough Pack: gives you 15 minutes of bonus content and a reward of the Vehicle Expert Perk, which grants you free vehicles from your underground car contact and even discounts on select cars.
  • 2430449-watchdogs-signatureshotpack

    The Signature Shot Pack

    The Signature Shot Pack: gives you an exclusive mission of 20 minutes extra content, and after completing that mission you will get two rewards:
  • The Palace Pack gives you 20 minutes extra content for one exclusive mission. Upon completion of this mission you will receive two rewards:
    • The ATM Hack Boost. With the ATM boost, you get a boost in the amount of cash every time you hack bank accounts.
    • The Investigation Bonus. With the Investigation Bonus you unlock exclusive investigation opportunities within the network of the ctOS.
  • The Untouchables Pack gives you the 1920s outfit and the "Tommy Gun".

Outfit Packs

The season pass also includes several add-on packs, each with an outfit and an ability/gun.

Note that Aiden does not need to be wearing the outfit to gain its ability or gun.


Players will even get an all new single-player campaign where they will get to play as T-Bone Grady and even more bonus missions to play as Aiden Pearce, which aren't in the three mission packs.

Game Mode

The season pass also includes Conspiracy!, a DLC Digital Trip (worth $5) which is a hunting based mode that has the player profile cyborgs that are hidden within large concentrations of civilians using an electronic "eye glass", then eliminate them using different weapons and abilities.


  • The season pass will save you 20% over buying them separately.
  • This is the first time that the player will be able to play as any other character other than Aiden in Watch Dogs.
  • All season pass holders will receive future DLC one week earlier than normal players.
  • This is the only way to get all the five bonus gear for Aiden in the U.S.
  • This is also the only way to get all three single-player mission packs (besides the DedSec Edition which is only available in Europe and Australia).


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