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App logo.

ScoutX is an app on Marcus Holloway's smartphone in Watch Dogs 2. It acts as a successor to the City Hotspots app and allows the player to find landmarks by their distance, see their descriptions, and set waypoints to their locations. This lets the player complete challenges and gain followers. When installed, ScoutX will even send a notification on the mini map when the player is close enough to a landmark.

Activity Feed


An example of a ScoutX feed

This tab allows players to see an activity feed, where players can see both themselves and other players' and Dedsec's NPCs' selfies in front of hotspots. The photos may also have comments from DedSec on them, but Marcus may not comment. As Marcus' follower count rises, so does his likes.


  • When talking to an NPC in Palo Alto named Colleen Forsberg, they will say "Urban Scout", but the subtitles read ScoutX. This could hint that the original name for ScoutX was "Urban Scout".

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