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This affluent city is part of Marin County. It was originally a shipbuilding center during WWII. These days it's a tourist destination with beautiful scenery and houseboats.
―In-game description.

Sausalito is a world location in Watch Dogs 2.


Sausalito is close to the very center of Marin. It is west of The Gates Houseboats and east of Horseshoe Bay. It can be accessed either by road or by boat.


Sausalito is a small city in Marin County, it features quiet residential neighbourhoods leading into the hills and a few upscale restaurants and coffeeshops. It is the main location of the "Legacy Bay Yacht Club", the only sailboat shop in the game.

Notable Stores

  • 1 Restaurant.
  • 1 Bar.
  • 1 Coffee Shop.
  • 1 Auto Elite.
  • 1 Sailboat Shop.
  • 1 Yacht Club Kiosk.


  • 1 Sailboat Race.
  • 1 eKart Race.


  • 5 Research Points throughout the city.
  • 2 ScoutX locations.
  • 1 Paint Job, found along the waterfront.
  • 2 Money bags, found in restricted areas.


  • This location is based off the real life Sausalito.