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There's San Mateo the city and San Mateo the county (which contains the city as well as much of the rest of Silicon Valley). San Mateo is at the northmost end of Silicon Valley.
―In-game description.

San Mateo is a World Location featured in Watch Dogs 2.


San Mateo is a small city located in northern Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco. It is north of the Storm Drain and east of the New Dawn Temple.


San Mateo is a small, affluent neighborhood in the mountains of Silicon Valley. Many of the residents own very expensive cars and houses with large backyards. Many of the houses are Spanish-styled and have many plants surrounding them. The neighborhood is very private, as it is very far away from San Francisco and numerous blocks from Palo Alto. The speed limit is 35 miles per hour. Many of the residents can be seen doing personal activities, such as yoga, partying, and gardening. San Mateo also has two restricted areas to the house of the left upon entering, which is the home of Bobo Dakes, and the other one being the house east of this location, which is the home of Gene Carcani, corrupt businessman.


  • 1 Money Bag on roof of house northeast of middle northern intersection.
  • 1 Money Bag on patio of Bobo's home.
  • 1 Money Bag in the bushes of Gene's home.
  • 1 Money Bag near the pool of white home to the northwest of the location.
  • 1 Quadcopter Paint Job on patio roof of house southeast of middle northern intersection.
  • 1 Paint Job underneath patio of brown and grey house north of the location.


  • This location is based of the real life San Mateo. However, in real life, it is its own city, rather than a neighborhood like in-game.