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The San Francisco Fire Department (also labeled San Francisco Engine Co.) is the fire department of San Francisco, seen in Watch Dogs 2.


The San Francisco Fire Department operate several fire stations and hospitals around the city, and operate Fire Trucks and Ambulances around the Bay Area.

If Marcus or any NPC incapacitates another civilian, an ambulance may respond to the situation and attempt to save the incapacitated civilian. Each ambulance consists of a single paramedic, who will step off the vehicle upon arrival and rush to the victim, and will then clap his hands twice in attempt to "revive" the victim, which will always be successful. If the paramedic is unable to revive the pedestrian, he will log a report and stay forever on the scene, and not return to his ambulance.



  • The revival is more comedic than realistic, as clapping in someone's face won't always wake them up if they're unconscious. Regardless, it will always work. However, paramedics will not able to revive civilians who have been killed or shot.
  • Fire trucks and ambulances are never found patrolling the streets or responding to emergencies, unlike in Watch Dogs. Instead they can be found in Hospitals or Fire Stations or ambulances can be found responding to a situation caused by the player or a NPC.
  • In the No Compromise DLC, if the player has the paramedic outfit equipped, Marcus will be able to clap his hands to "revive" the victim, just as the NPC paramedics do.