Watch Dogs White Hat Pack Add On Part Four SHUTDOWN15:16

Watch Dogs White Hat Pack Add On Part Four SHUTDOWN

SHUTDOWN is an exclusive mission in Watch Dogs, part of the White Hat Pack, and the final mission of the four.


It's the big finale. Aiden Pearce and Dedsec are going to hack Umeni's servers. Contractors may try to stop them, but ultimately they will succeed.


  • DedSec: Umeni thinks they can hide under urban camouflage, but we know where they hide their servers. We need your skills on the ground. We'll put the access data you recovered to use, but contractors will be dispatched to stop our intrusion attack. You will stop the contractors. Are you with us?

Aiden Pearce: Yeah. Let's go.

After uploading virus

  • DedSec: We're about to turn off the lights. Watch your step.
  • DedSec: Think we can't shut you down? Turn you off?

While escaping Police

  • DedSec: You will pay. Ruined lives come at a cost.

After escaping Police

  • DedSec: That was most brave. And when Umeni scrambles to explain their secrets. We leave our best secret behind. Asleep in their network. Watching and waiting ... But for now, we party. Dress accordingly.
  • Aiden: I always do.


  • The names of the four missions in this pack are a reference to the combination of keys pressed (CTRL, ALT, DELETE) to perform an emergency shutdown (SHUTDOWN) of the Windows operating system in case a normal shutdown cannot be done.
  • If you finish this mission, you will be given an extra battery.
  • This is the only mission part of the White Hat Pack that has reinforcements called as soon as you start doing the objective
    • It is only the only mission in the White Hat Pack that doesn't have the objective as uploading the data, this mission's objective is to upload a virus.

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