Roger Verrick was the new head of Blume Security in Chicago, seen in the novel Watch Dogs //n/ Dark Clouds.


Roger was also a significant shareholder in Blume. He was also supposedly an innovator in security technology. Roger was a former Major in the U.S. Army and a member of Delta Force. He joined Blume after retiring from the military, and rose through the ranks of Blume quickly due to his family's connections to Blume.

Roger made a deal with the Chicago South Club to kill Aiden Pearce. He is also a member of the secret organization known as Purity. During his time working for Blume, he worked on CTOS 2.0. During his military service, Roger was assaulted by Mick Wolfe. He also injured his back when his Humvee was flipped by an IED in Somalia.

During his time in Somalia, Verrick worked with Army Captain Rafe Callahan to steal a warlord’s payoff money. After the heist, Verrick killed Callahan and claimed al Qaeda killed him.


Verrick had curly brown receding hair, a lined face, broad shoulders, and an almost lipless smile.


  • Detective Tranter: a corrupt detective that has helped Verrick search for Aiden Pearce and later Mick Wolfe.
  • Luke Kelly: Verrick's chauffeur who serves as a driver and a bodyguard.
  • Rose Blue: a hooker Verrick usually hired at The Four Clubs. Verrick later had Tranter kill her and bury her under a parking lot.
  • Stan Grampus: a fixer hired to kill Aiden Pearce.
  • Clyde Merwiss: a programmer and former associate of Aiden Pearce. Due to his gambling debt, Merwiss helped Tranter find Aiden. Aiden later found and killed Merwiss.

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