Side Mission
Appears in Watch Dogs 2
Followers gained 27,000
Hostiles Sons of Ragnarok

Ripcode is a Side Operation in Watch Dogs 2.


Under the 'Hood

  • Objective: Hack the neighborhood's ctOS box
  • Brief: A resident of Oakland is experiencing sudden high costs to all her household services. DedSec is curious to see if there's anything behind it.

Boxing Day

  • Objective: Track down the other ctOS boxes [0/4]
  • Brief: DedSec wants to continue hacking ctOS boxes in an attempt to find the hubs.

Audio files and E-mails

As the player progresses through the mission, an intercepted audio and five e-mails are heard/shown:

  • Intercepted Audio is heard when the player hacks a civilian in Oakland to unlock the mission.
  • E-mail #1 appears after hacking the first ctOS box.
  • E-mail #2 appears after hacking the ctOS box in southern Elmhurst.
  • E-mail #3 appears after hacking the ctOS box in northern Elmhurst.
  • E-mail #4 appears after hacking the ctOS box in eastern Woodland.
  • E-mail #5 appears after hacking the ctOS box in western Woodland.

Intercepted Audio

Woman - "Every single goddamn thing has gone up! My water bill, my credit card rate, my electricity, internet, my storage unit, my..."

Man - "All at once? That's so whacked"

Woman - "It's like they're nickel and diming me specifically! I can't cover my mortgage because of all this petty shit!

E-mail #1

To: JKeene

From: RMorgan

"Jeremy -Remember to keep all these updates on the down low. Also, we have to finish updating the security on the ctOS boxes. -- Rob"

E-mail #2

To: RMorgan

From: Jkeene

"I know you're worried about the 25% hike for on-line transactions, but I've looked over this sector. It's about to cave. The 25% will put them over the edge. Trust me on this, man."

E-mail #3

To: JKeene

From: Central

"Have Rob set these levels: Output 02: 1.08 ... Output 11: 1.12 ... Output 17: 1.04"

E-mail #4

To: Jkeene

From: Central

"We can be more aggressive. Adjust these: Output 04: 1.20 ... Output 09: 1.09 ... Output 18: 1.18"

E-mail #5

To: JKeene

From: Central

"We are getting good results. Please finish up and move on to the housing in sector 12C. It could be very lucrative for us."