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Rhonda's Restaurant is surrounded by nature and plays host to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, families, hikers, tourists, musicians and more. The food is locally sourced and the atmosphere is homey.
―In-game description.

Rhonda's Restaurant is a World Location in Watch Dogs 2.


Rhonda's Restaurant is located to the very southwest of the map. It is west of Swan Leavitt Observatory and east of Crystal Springs Dam.


The restaurant is a roadhouse styled bar with rock music and a clear country vibe. The area consists of a main building with a parking lot filled with motorcycles and lowriders, there is also a stationary caravan and an RV. The area behind the restaurant is a Sons of Ragnarok base; it is a hill-like area with two additional buildings, one is a workshop/tech area, whilst the other is a simple boatshed. 

The entire area backs onto the lake that feeds into the Crystal Springs Dam, which can be driven on with the boat that usually spawns in the boatshed.

It is a restricted zone equipped with seven Sons of Ragnarok members. The two main gates can be unlocked through the CCT in the workshop/tech building. There are three additional entrances, one through the restaurant, one next to the restaurant by the electrical pylon and the last by travelling either along the shore or across the water of the dam.


  • 1 Paint Job, located on the east-side of the compound.
  • 1 Money Bag, located on the north-side of the compound.


  • This location appears in the mission Hacking War.
  • This location is most likely modeled off real world roadhouses, that are known to be frequented by biker gangs. More specifically, it is directly modeled after Alice's Restaurant, located in Woodside, California, in the Santa Cruz Mountains above Palo Alto and Redwood City.
  • The music that plays inside Rhonda's consists of various entrance theme songs belonging to professional wrestlers, including the Hardy Boyz and Crash Holly.