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Resting, also known as sleeping, is a game mechanic and feature in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


At any hideout in Chicago or hackerspace in San Francisco, the player may approach the bed/couch inside and sleep, which will save the game. The player can also set the time in which they want Aiden/Marcus to wake up, by using the in-game alarm clock. After the time is set, Aiden/Marcus will hop into the bed and fall asleep, and a time-lapse of the city will play, showing time pass until the designated time is set, and Aiden/Marcus will wake up and get out of the bed, ready to resume gameplay.


While resting, the player can:

  • Reset their Heat Level: Provided the player is not being actively pursued by gangs or law enforcement, resting will automatically drop their heat level to zero upon waking up.
  • Wake up at specific times: This is particularly useful for accomplishing ScoutX objectives that can only be done at specific times of the day.
  • Refill Focus: In Watch Dogs, Aiden's focus level will be reset to the fullest capacity that the player has unlocked from the skills tree upon waking up.