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Resting, also known as sleeping, is a game mechanic and feature in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


At any safehouse in Chicago, or hackerspace in San Francisco, the player may approach the bed or couch inside and sleep, which will save the game. The player can also set the time in which they want Aiden or Marcus to wake up, by using the in-game alarm clock. After the time is set, Aiden/Marcus will hop into the bed and fall asleep, and a time-lapse of the city will play, showing time pass until the designated time is set, and Aiden/Marcus will wake up and get out of the bed, ready to go.

Gameplay Functions

While resting, the player can:

  • Reset Heat Level: Provided the player is not being actively pursued by gangs or law enforcement, resting will automatically drop their heat level to zero upon waking up.
  • Wake up at specific times: This is particularly useful for accomplishing ScoutX objectives that can only be done at specific times of the day.
  • Refill Focus: In Watch Dogs, Aiden's focus level will be reset to the fullest capacity that the player has unlocked from the skills tree upon waking up.

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