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Rainbow Missile
Rainbow Missile
Manufacturer Fruttato
Vehicle Type Civilian Motorcycle
Category Motorcycle
Body Style Scooter
Capacity 1 (Rider)
Price Free
Appears in Watch Dogs 2
A Molto-Bene with an exclusive paint job.

An economic yet stylish Italian scooter, the Rainbow Missile features an impressive front suspension along with low engine vibration thanks to its double absorption damper.
―In-game description.

The Fruttato Rainbow Missile is a vehicle in Watch Dogs 2.


The Rainbow Missile is a unique variant of the Molto-Bene, with a unique pink color and unicorn decals.


Just like the standard Molto-Bene, the Rainbow Missile has low stats when compared to other motorcycles, but is quite maneuverable.



  • The Rainbow Missile is located in a small restricted area in San Mateo. There is a female Umeni security guard guarding the area and a Security Robot, as well as a red hackable terminal to unlock the gate. The player can choose the way to take the vehicle, either by sneaking or taking out everyone. 


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