In-game tutorial explaining QR-codes

QR Codes are a side activity in Watch Dogs. By lining up cameras correctly the QR Code wil be scanned, and an item will be unlocked. There are 16.


Sixteen fragmented QR Codes have been plastered throughout the city on various surfaces. From a certain angle, each set of art fragments will align and undistort to form QR Codes. Each code is scannable only from a particular camera with the correct line of sight to it. The first 8 codes scanned will decrypt audio logs from G1gg1L3s while the other 8 codes and logs are generally agreed to be the work of DedSec. (See Trivia, below, for alternate evidence and theories.)

After scanning all sixteen codes, Aiden will unlock the Gangster submachine gun for his arsenal. The final mission involves DedSec contracting Aiden to bypass G1gg1L3s' firewall and install their virus. (Counteracting the virus is a means of initiation into DedSec for G1gg1l3s.) After harmlessly hacking into his computer via the building security router, Aiden is rewarded with positive Reputation points for "trolling" and 1,000 XP points. The player will also receive the "Read-only" achievement or trophy.

Scanning all the QR Codes is required for 100% completion.[1]

Messages in QR Codes


Op art pieces viewed through a camera from the correct angle to form a scannable QR Code.


  • Since many of the QR Codes insult DedSec, it is believed by some that these were actually left by Defalt.
    • The Pawnee QR Code shows ~~(8:>, which is a smiley used by Defalt as seen in The Rat's Lair.
  • The QR code message at the canal in Brandon Docks ("Mark IV style mothafucker!") is a reference to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, which was also published by Ubisoft.


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