Watch Dogs2
PumpGo Station
PumpGo is a fuel company featured in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


The company has a number of fuel stations dotted around Chicago. It is unknown whether the company is only responsible for the sale of fuel. The fuel stations in the downtown areas appear to only have the capacity to refuel cars. The player can shoot or ram into the pumps but this will result in them exploding and if close enough, the blast will kill him. Once a pump is shot and starts flaming a chain reaction is triggered; little by little the whole gas station will go up in flames and after a few minutes it will completely collapse. In Watch Dogs 2, this functions the same way, but instead of the gas station blowing up in pieces, it will all explode at once.


  • In the beta version of Watch Dogs, a gas station's explosion was originally much larger and more unrealistic. This can be seen in the E3 2012 gameplay demo, at 7:56. The current explosion can be seen here.