WD Psychedelic

Psychedelic main screen.

"This digital trip lets you bounce on giant psychedelic flora."
―In-game description

Psychedelic is a Digital Trip available in Watch Dogs.


Psychedelic is one of the five currently available Digital Trips where the player has to bounce from flower to flower without crashing and has to complete each individual "Level" to unlock the next. The score is increased depending on where the player land on the flower(s) and if they fly through the hoops. Each level has 3 stars/trophies to collect.

Note that scoring a perfect landing on the middle of the flower will increase a multiplier (90-100 points) and only restarts if the player falls on the ground with no result. However, if the player falls on the ground but reaches a flower, the player can recover control on Aiden, therefore continuing with the game.

Psychedelic is one of the Digital Trips that doesn't have their own separate skill tree.


There are 17 levels/tracks to complete, set in different areas of Chicago, as well as Pawnee:

  1. First Bloom
  2. T-Minus Zero
  3. High in Pawnee
  4. River Bounce
  5. Crosstown Hop
  6. Flip Out
  7. Narrow Space
  8. Morning Glory
  9. Dream Factory
  10. Hide and Seek
  11. The Other Side
  12. Pot Pourri
  13. The Shores of Reality
  14. High on Speed
  15. Tree Hugger
  16. Lowrider
  17. Spiritual Growth



  • The Psychedelic outfit is unlocked after completing all of the tracks and is available to use at any clothing store/hideout in the game once unlocked.
  • Psychedelic is a subculture of people who use psychedelic drug, although digital trips are not technically a drug, according to WKZ on a in-game radio broadcast.
  • A lot of references are made towards Hippies with the over all style of the game and common use of the word "Groovy". This is probably done to poke fun at the 1960s Hippie movement.

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